YouTube Channel and why I’m MIA 

I’ve been really bummed lately, really blue,  and have sadly not gotten much writing done. I’m going to start therapy in about a week so hopefully that helps. I have,on the bright side, started a YouTube channel. 

As a result of speaking with someone who knows what she’s doing I decided to take her advice and start a channel where I can express and explore my creativity. I think it’s been a good thing so far, I becoming passionate about things again. 

I currently only have three videos up. Should’ve had four, but because the latest three were in better quality I decided to delete my first. I think I’ve been getting more comfortable with myself as a result. Been more open to things. I’m hoping it’s slightly therapeutic, and that I can have my write juices flowing again. We’ll see how it goes-in the mean time check out my videos here: 


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