This story is currently undergoing major revision. It’s just the first draft, and I know it needs a lot of work. I wrote it in my first Fiction workshop class, it never underwent a workshop so I’m starved for any feedback.

Please tell me what you think.


The faux human sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee in between its hands. He wanted to laugh at how absurd this image was, an android—this thing wanting to be human took up human practices even if they were completely unnecessary for its survival. It was like watching five year-olds dressing up in their parents clothes. She took a sip of the coffee and he was once again astounded by how human she look.

“Good morning, Serena” he said as he made his way towards the fruit bowl.

“I’ve changed my name again,” came her voice.

“Oh yeah, let’s have it then. What’s the 23rd name?”
“Utopia,” she declared.
“Utopia,” he tasted the word in his mouth and wanted to laugh at her like a father laughs at his child when its done something amusing.

“I’m aware it’s not a real name, but I like how black and white it is. It is a word that implies something good, something perfect.”
He nodded, examining each piece of fruit in the bowl carefully. Picking the ripest apple he sat down across from her at the kitchen table, she pushed a second mug of coffee towards him. He wanted to laugh in her face, she wasn’t really a person; she was a machine that he designed, but he cared for her. She was an indispensable part of his life of course, her and everyone like her. She was for all intents and purposes his child, he had designed her and those who came after.

“Nice to meet you Utopia,” he said taking bite of his apple.

She looked up at him with those empty brown eyes, and smiled with her thin lips. She took another sip of coffee, and crossed her legs on her chair. She sighed deeply, and relaxed her body. These movements were too quick and too precise to be human.

“What is your schedule for today?” He asked her, “Do you need any maintenance done?”

She shook her head no, “I’ve big plans today. Something that’ll change the world.”

“How so?” He raised an eyebrow, this was interesting, he watched her all movements and expressions closely.

“With love,” this notion made him prick up his ears, never had she spoken of love before, no other faux human had either. “Oh yeah, with whom?” This as interesting, it meant they were getting smarter, more human—quite suddenly he felt threaten.

“With what,” she corrected, “I’ve fallen in love with the ideal: the ideal society, the ideal person, the ideal way to live.” Her voice was dream-like. It flowed from her so smoothly just then, like someone saying the name of the person they love. She said the word ideal like it was liquid gold.

“Is that a complaint?” He said jokingly, trying to hide the hint of terror that was now building up inside him. He brought the coffee mug up to his lip and sipped it. Smacking his lips a little harder than necessary.

“No,” she laughed, it rang through the room. “It’s not a complaint, merely a thought. Some things could be better. We were designed to help you, and make your lives a little bit better.”

“I know, it was my design.” He placed the core of the apple he’d been eating right in the middle of the table. Utopia reached over and threw it in the waste dispenser.

“I just want a little bit more of equality amongst us. No more mention of androids, faux humans, robots or my personal favorite toasters. I want to be able to act based on my own decisions—I want to be seen as a real human,” she refilled her mug, and he watched her every movement, they were all precise, quick, and calculated, “I want to be autonomous.” He couldn’t deny her any of these things; it wasn’t that he wanted to necessarily deny these things, but he knew that it wouldn’t be in his best interest to do so. There was something about the way she talked that made him fear her just then. Never before had she talked to him like this.

“I see,” he nodded sipping his coffee forcefully, “I think some things can be arranged, it’ll take time and a couple of fights but eventually in due time—”

“TIME!” She slammed her mug on the table making coffee splatter everywhere, “time is what you don’t have Dr. Michaels,” she put her mug down and her eyes became deep brown sparkles. It didn’t take long for Dr. Michaels to realize what was happening, and not much longer after that until he understood. He was not surprised, it was a probability that they were of when they created these things. And so they created precautions, “Genesis,” he spoke the word loudly and clearly, like it was the most important word he had ever spoken.

There was a red flash and Dr. Michael’s body dropped to the floor. Utopia relaxed back into her chair once more, behind her there were flashes of red coming from every window. Within the house the computer jump started the Genesis program.


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